Korea-Canada Future Automotive Partnering

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Data Labeling Collaboration Platform

AIMMO Enterprise™ is a web-based, self-service solution for data labeling. Its intuitive UI is easy to use but the tools are strong.In AIMMO Enterprise™, you can create a labeling project, invite your colleagues, label your data, and manage your whole project. This platform is optimized for labeling a massive amount of data with multiple labelers.

Easy to use:
• No Installation
• No platform fee
• No coding skills required

Strong features:
1. Workflow design for project management
     • Divide your project into 1-4 task stages
     • Choose who gets involved in each stage. Create any class, attribute you need.
     • Assign the tasks automatically to each worker
2. Powerful communication tools
     • Real-time communication by leaving comments in any data or label.
     • Visual communication tools to compare the annotations side to side
     • Sharable project link to check the project status with the outside
3. Efficient project management tools
     • Labeling speed of each worker
     • Labeling accuracy of each worker
     • Work status(%) per each task stage
4. Ensure data accuracy
     • Easily update and share your labeling guidelines
     • Control access to certain classes or attributes to reduce the chance of human error

EMT is Cargo-loadable small electric truck with 2 seater

It is a representative electric vehicle model of eco-friendly smart transportation in small cities and large-scale logistics complexes. Basically, it is a model that can carry 2 people’s seats and cargo, and it is also a product that can transform cargo space for passengers.

This is an Agricultural power transport vehicle and electric motor vehicle of two-wheel drive type for carrying Agricultural products on a farm. It is equipped with an over-excited electronic brake, and driving part is activated when the accelerator pedal is pressed, and the brake is applied when the pedal is released, the brake is applied. [Optional] Trailer(with tow hook), electric power handle, rain cover for the vehicle, wiper, emergency light, remodeling a cargo.

As a two-seater compact electric truck model, anyone can easily drive, can load more than 300kg of basic cargo, and is a compact multi-purpose vehicle capable of driving 50-60km with general household charging.
It is the best product for easy transportation and cargo transportation in general short-distance transportation, factories, resorts, markets, complex malls, schools, airports, and ports.
This product can freely change the number of passengers and the size of cargo according to the purpose of use.

Mobile EV charging system is to meet sustainable electric ehicle to charge. Usage of it is simple, just plug and make payment (No need of card either APP)

Benefits of the system are  [1] 98% reduction in infrastructure cost -> Massive charging Infra   [2] 100% reduction in running cost -> Sustainable charging service

Charging service related to power distribution operation:

– Power distributor (Power reseller)

– EV charging service operator

*Not available directly to vehicle manufacturer & Tier 1

ZLeak Tube is inserted for HPDC. The pre-formed aluminum pipe is already filled with special fillers which can generate a counter pressure inside the pipe during the HPDC process.

These fillers can be easily and cleanly removed after casting.

The hollow pipe will be used for water coolant channel which guarantees leakage-free.

This technology enhances safety from coolant leakage, and lowers production cost by simplifying processes.

It is mostly applied for main motors of BEV and FCEV, assistant traction motors of HEV, and starter generator motors of MHEV.

Replica City is a 3D city data subscription service. As cities continue to change, city needs a regular updates.

MOBILTECH can provide update data regulary. Replica City has 3 types of data. Digital twin data for city planning, HD map for autonomous driving, and Public facility DB for facility management.

Digital twin can help local governments to make optimal decisions through various simulations in the city level. And It is also necessary for drone delivery.

HD Map is built for new mobility. It Makes them to drive autonomously and safely by using a real world data.

For now, local governments have to check public facilities one by one to check it’s condition. But with Replica city, MOBILTECH can connect public facility DB into our data to check its conditions at the office by using recent data which can be updated daily basis.

Map-Free Perception for ADAS/Autonomous Driving
– Providing object information with no reliance on HD Map
– Detects Cars, People and Bikes
– High reliability in crowded city scenario, sparse urban, and high-speed highway
– Sensor agnostic algorithm architecture. That works with various scanning patterns

– Autonomous Driving from ADAS (LV2) to Fully Autonomous (LV5)
– Performance Evaluation Platform

SVNet(StradVision AI Network) Front Facing Camera Perception: From Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to Autonomous driving Compatible with Euro-NCAP requirements

*Product video link:  https://youtu.be/KSt1pLCEyRw


Key features: Vehicle, Pedestraian, Two-wheeler detection, Adnimal detection, Lane & Free space detection, Road edge detection, Traffic sign recognition, Traffic light detection

Support SoC makers: NVIDiA, Renesas, Texas Instrument, Qualcomm, Xilinx, Ambarella and etc.

Electric Vehicle Engineering:

  • EV Concept Engineering : Benchmarling & Targeting, System Configulation, Vehicle Package
  • EV Platform Engineering : Platform Layout, Electric Powertrain System, Chassis System, Platform Electric & Electronic System
  • EV Upper Body Engineering : Styling Feasibility, Body Structure with light weighting solution, Exterior & Interior, Electric & Electronic System
  • EV Test & Validation : Prototype Vehicle Build, Vehicle Test, EV Component Test

Battery Pack Engineering:

  • Battery Module Design
  • Battery Pack Design
  • Vehicle Integration Design

EV System Sourcing & Development:

  • EV Motor & Powertrain
  • BMS & Battery Pack
  • Charging System
  • EV Test Equipment, etc.